While I was away (Sod's Law!) we seem to have lost all recordings on the hardisk -- just an empty /timeshift was left. Recordings started appearing on the only other storage, a USB thumb drive which was installed for picons and a few images for the front display. I'm wondering if the many harddisk recordings can be recovered and how I'd go about it.

Mount managed shows the disk with size 'unavailable', mount 'none'. Attempts to mount it give a 'Mount failed' error message:
<enigma.gPixMapPtr;proxy of <SwigObject of type 'ePtr< gPixmap > *' at 0x6aad1518> >)'. error code = 65280.

Info > Devices suggests the disk may be full;
WDCWD60EZRZ-00G) - ATA Bus (HDD)(5.86 TB) Free: full

I've tried a few hit-and-hope options: have set the thumb drive as harddisk under Mount Manager and its now set as target for timeshift and recordings.

After various reboots, Setup > Storage > 'Filesystem check' shows basic disk info but doesn't appear to do anything.

I'd appreciate any help...