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Thread: OpenViX 6.6 Released!

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    OpenViX 6.6 Released!

    Important notice:

    If you like OpenViX and you want to see it continue please don't forget to donate towards keeping the servers online.

    Keeping OpenViX and this Forum online is getting more and more expensive. Donations in 2023 where only 70! So far donations in 2024 are 20! It costs in the region of 2000+ to keep OpenViX and this Forum online. OpenViX has always been provided to completely free of charge by a number of hard working OpenViX Team members in their spare time. It also costs a lot of money to keep OpenViX online. We have 3 dedicated servers for building images, OpenViX feeds/site and the Forum. There's also a 4th server that we provide to host EPG data for EPG Importer. Without the team and our servers there would be no OpenViX. Please do not take it for granted, unless donations improve servers costs cannot be paid by others indefinitely.

    New OpenViX version 6.6 image

    Discussion thread here.

    The new OpenViX version 6.6 image is based on OpenViX enigma2 and OE-Alliance-core branch 5.4

    The easiest way to flash latest OpenViX image is to do the following:

    Download the image to your receiver's storage device
    Blue button > ViX > Image manager > Yellow (Downloads) > Select OpenViX > Select image version > Press OK
    You will see the download status

    Once downloaded, you should still be in Image manager and the latest image should be highlighted.
    Ensure you have the correct image selected then press the Blue button (Flash)
    The new image will flash and box will reboot when completed.
    In install wizard you can then restore settings and plugins from OpenViX 6.5 (and earlier) series images. This will restore most things to how you had them before.


    So what is different in OpenViX 6.6?
    OpenViX 6.6 builds on the success of the 6.x series and aims to bring you the important things such as improved stability and bug fixes, rather than gimmicks.

    The main change from previous versions to version 6.6 has been to upgrade to 5.4 oe-alliance-core branch. The OE (Open Embedded) core on which the image is built has also undergone major changes, updates and fixes, and uses the latest bitbake version. Version 6.6 uses Python version 3.12 which is on average 25% faster than Python 3.10 when measured with the performance benchmark suite. For more info on Python 3 major speed improvement see the official documentation. https://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.11.html https://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.12.html

    ***Password required for FTP, TELNET & SSH!*** SEE GUIDE HERE!

    • OE-A 5.4
    • Python 3.12
    • Multiboot for Vu+ 4k models
    • HELP screens revamped
    • Compatibility for IceTV plugin
    • OpenWebIf version 2.0
    • New modern skin E2DarkOs in feeds

    Known Image issues
    Dreamplex - Some users in certain setup's may have issues.
    QuadPiP - file in /etc/enigma2/quadpip/ should be deleted after a restore from settings, setup recreated and a new settings backup made.

    Known Plugin/Receiver issues
    Some plugins may not be currently compatible with Python 3 or the OE-A 5.4 core, streaming plugins may also require their respective author's to add dependencies for GST 1.xx. If your plugins worked in any previous OpenViX 6.x series image they should be fine in this version.

    Button Mappings

    Short Red** & *** - Show current channel EPG info (ViX Single EPG).
    Long Red ** & *** - Sort single EPG info when in channel list.
    Short Green** & *** - Timers.
    Long Green*** - AutoTimer Timers.
    Short Yellow*** - EPG Search.
    Long Yellow*** - Instant IMDB Database search on the current programme.
    Short Blue - Extensions.
    Long Blue*** - Plugins Menu.
    EPG - Opens ViX EPG.
    Left/Right** - Opens ViX QuickEPG.
    Up/Down** - Open Full Screen Channel List.
    Long Up/Down - Open PIP list on boxes that support PIP.
    TV Button** - Open Full Screen Channel List.
    Long TV Button - Open Bouquets List.
    ** Can be changed in ViX Menu
    *** Can be turned off in ViX Menu

    Special Thanks

    • DimitarCC for work on GUI, skin engine and addons
    • prl001 for work on HELP and IceTV compatibility
    • Twol for the conversion to Python 3. This involved manually converting literally hundreds of Python files and associated c++ code.
    • Orlandox, ccs, ronand, and BeffudledBrian for their feedback and extensive testing over the two years.
    • DimitarCC for making E2DarkOs skin compatible with OpenViX
    • Twol and Huevos for testing, debugging, and responding to feedback and problems.
    • Huevos for preparing the new build environment, scripts, and building the 6.6 image.
    • Huevos for setting up seperate feeds for nodejs, kodi, stalker, openhbbtv, qthbbtv, VPNManager and Wireguard among others.
    • Huevos for setting up new feeds for picons.
    • Rytec, doglover and all the teams that host EPG feeds for EPG Importer, for their continued support.
    • All developers for their plugins used in the feeds of this image.
    • All of the ViX Beta team for their hours of testing and dedication on improving the image.
    • All those who have submitted patches/fixes/bug reports.
    • To all who have submitted translation work for OpenViX (Rob, Orlandox and others).
    • Huevos for his work on blindscan
    • Peter de Jonge, abu baniaz & Huevos for their work with Andyblac to improve ABM.
    • Rob van der Does, rossi2000 and Huevos for OpenViX skins.
    • And finally, the forum sponsor, World of Satellite, for providing the hardware for building, testing and hosting OpenViX.


    Please upgrade as soon as possible. We do not maintain previous versions.
    Basic feeds for the previous version will be maintained for a short period only to allow users to upgrade to the new image. Items such as Kodi, Stalker, Nodejs, QT, etc. and feeds for all other previous versions have already been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience but resources are limited and we cannot maintain parallel versions. We have worked hard to make the upgrade process as easy as possible for our users. These days upgrading from the previous version is painless. Just follow the instructions at the top of this page and you will be up and running with the new version in a few short minutes.

    Receivers supported in 6.6
    • vusolo2
    • vusolo4k
    • vuduo2
    • vuduo4k
    • vuduo4kse
    • vusolose
    • vuuno4k
    • vuultimo4k
    • vuzero
    • vuuno4kse
    • vuzero4k
    • et8000
    • et8500
    • et10000
    • formuler1
    • formuler1tc
    • formuler4turbo
    • gbquadplus
    • gbultraue
    • gbquad4k
    • gbue4k
    • gbtrio4k
    • sf8008
    • sf8008m
    • sfx60x8
    • mutant2400
    • mutant51
    • osmega
    • osmio4k
    • osmio4kplus
    • tiviaraplus
    • tmtwin4k
    • tmnanom3
    • vipercombohdd
    • viper4k
    • viper4k51
    • viper4kv40
    • viper4kv20
    • vipertwin
    • zgemmah7
    • zgemmah82h
    • zgemmah92s
    • zgemmah92h
    • zgemmah9t
    • zgemmah9s
    • zgemmah9sse
    • zgemmah92hse
    • zgemmai55plus
    • zgemmah9combo
    • zgemmah9twin
    • zgemmah9twinse
    • zgemmah11s
    • maxytecmulti
    • ax61
    • sx988

    Receivers not supported in 6.6

    Due to limited resources some end of life models will not be built in version 6.6. If you want to use OpenViX with these receivers please build version 6.6 yourself. There are instructions in our enigma2 repo and we are happy to support you with this on the forum. The following is a list of the receivers supported in previous versions of OpenViX, but not supported in version 6.5:

    • Octagon SF4008
    • Edision OS mini
    • Edision OS mini+
    • Edision OS nino
    • Edision OS nino+
    • Edision OS nino pro
    • VU+ Duo
    • VU+ Uno
    • VU+ Ultimo
    • Xtrend ET-7x00
    • Xtrend ET-9x00
    • Miraclebox Premium Twin
    • Miraclebox Mini Plus
    • Miraclebox Mini Hybrid
    • Miraclebox MB-Micro
    • Miraclebox MB-Micro v2
    • Miraclebox Premium Twin Plus
    • Miraclebox MB-Premium Ultra
    • Octagon SF128
    • Octagon SF138
    • Octagon SF228
    • Technomate TM-Twin
    • Technomate TM-Nano 2 Super
    • Technomate TM-Nano 3T
    • Gigablue HD Quad
    • Golden Interstar LX3
    • Mutant HD11
    • Mutant HD1200
    • Mutant HD1500
    • Technomate TM-Single.
    • Technomate TM-Nano-OE.
    • Technomate TM-2T.
    • TM-Nano-2T.
    • Mutant 500C.
    • Octagon SF8.
    • Octagon XP1000+.
    • Gigablue SE Plus
    • Gigablue UE Plus
    • Golden Interstar LX1 & LX2
    • Media Link Ixuss Zero
    • Miraclebox Mini
    • Opticum DVBC-1
    • Spycat
    • Venton HDx
    • Xtrend ET4x00
    • Xtrend ET5000
    • Xtrend ET6x00
    • GB Solo
    • GB 800SE
    • GB 800UE
    • Mara M9
    • Venton Unibox
    • VU+ Solo
    • gbx1
    • gbx2
    • gbx3
    • gbx3h
    • tmnanose
    • tmnanosecombo
    • tmnanosem2
    • tmnanoseplus
    • tmnanosem2plus

    If anyone is interested in doing any translation work for the plugins and the image itself, please see here

    Image Downloads.
    (Available via www.openvix.co.uk)

    Reporting Issues
    Please report any issues using these guidelines

    Image Flashing tutorials Here

    Help keep OpenViX servers online.Please donate!

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    6.5.002 now available

    Fix CrossEPG.
    Kodi/stalker feeds fixed.
    [PluginBrowser] install/remove screens
    Resolve streamrelay functionality for services that are renamed
    Add possibility that plugins can add instantiate screens to the InfoBars
    [Updated] readed some fixes that got lost. Thanks @Ev0-BH
    [Translation] Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [setup.xml] update a text
    [Various Converters] Fix FORMAT_STRING
    [Converter] do not add space in appendToStringWithSeparator unless separatorChar is empty
    [skin] add possibility to avoid stripping formate strings destined for converters
    [Fixed] exception due to wrong import
    [Fixes] For several converters/renderers related to Service Numbers and CI detection
    [Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
    [Fixed] ServiceName converter to respect Alternative numbering mode for bouquets
    [ServicePosition] reinstate import, removed by accident
    Updated fi.po
    Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [Updated] refactoring of the code
    [Updated] Several converter, renderers, screens, sources with additional checks and functionality
    [Added] Text border support for MultiTextContent [Added] Tuners string in ServiceInfoBar
    [Fixed] Wrong display of srefs for ServiceHiSilicon
    [Updated] CI descrambling display handling [Added] Possibility to supress Auth Key Verification Failed (error 10) message on CI module init
    [Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
    Updated fi.po
    Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [Updated] Another potential handling fixes
    [Fixed] missing parameter in createCurrentDevice
    [Fixed] exception on data reading from ecm.info
    [Added] internal or usb reader in cryptoinfo (for modified oscam with support for that)
    [skin.py] add missing parseScale
    [doc] update AUTOMATICBUTTONS
    [toggleTvRadioButtonEvents] add octagon2/4
    [SubServices] avoid potential BSoD
    [epgcache] - cleanup
    [epgcache] - eEPGCache::load OpenATV(prl et al)
    [epgcache] - update eEPGCache::cleanLoop OpenATV(Captain, jbleyel et al
    [epgcache] - update eEPGCache::sectionRead OpenATV- Captain, jbleyel
    [eEPGCache] use PyExc_TypeError with readable text and remove eDebug
    [epgcache] - cleanup some debug
    [epgcache] - use eSimpleconfig
    [epgcache.c] update for epgcache changes
    [Removed] dxNoEIT flag since not clear what it do [Updated] Handling of EIT and epg events [Added] blacklist for supressing EIT or NOWNEXT data [Added] Whitelist for forefully replace the epg cache entries with those from EIT/NOWNEXT [Added] function available in python for reloading of black/whitelists
    Updated Finnish (fi.po)
    [OpentvZapper] remove Py2 support
    [StreamRelaySetup] tweak gui
    [Updatetd] prevent PEP warnings
    [Updated] Handling for CurrentCrypto display
    [Added] Possibility to detect which CI slot do the descrambling (for use to display that in skins later)
    Git workflow - fix node.js 16 issues - change build version
    change range to 16
    [EventName] fix ETSI Classifications
    [InputDeviceSetup] - reinstate non BoxBranding call
    [OpenTV] Add genre and parental rating to EPG cache
    [HdmiCec] - don't issue TV standby on timer power up from Standby
    [CrossEPG] update Version to 0.9.1
    [icetv-plugin] fix license warning
    [dark-os] update license
    streamlink - added missing python3-exceptiongroup to RDEPENDS
    Update ncam-common.inc
    [Ncam] Update
    Update ncam-common.inc
    Update ncam-common.inc
    libdvbcsa: precise optimization for mips64, neon, simd (#859)
    [openvix] update eitconfig
    libdvbcsa: more precise optimization for cpus
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    6.5.003 now available

    [Translations] Updated fi.po
    [GetEcmInfo] clear address when emu
    [EventInfo] treat a variable as private
    Reindex config.usage.show_cryptoinfo
    [Translations] Updated fi.po
    [GetEcmInfo] Add "One line Alt"
    [Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
    [GetEcmInfo] remove duplicated code
    [CryptoInfo] remove pointless complication
    [GetEcmInfo] use double quotes
    [Translations] Updated fi.po
    [Added] Alternative layout for CryptoInfo on infobar
    [Fixed] Imposibility to select by number keys in Main Menu
    [Updated] Crypto info display
    [menu.xml] Allow StreamRelaySetup to show irrespective of oscam presence
    [Fixed] exception on variable size tuples for menu items
    [Translations] fi.po, added 'Emulator'
    [Fixed] emulator display in crypto infos
    [Translations] fi.po, corrected syntax
    [Fixed] Exception and impossibility to select items in Main Menu
    [setup.xml] Only offer MovieSelectionSlim option if the screen is available in the current skin
    [Fixed] Exception due to None property
    [Fixed] Type in function name
    [Added] Max width restriction
    [Added] Possibility to use List source with Addons [Added] New addon for Main menu rendering [Added] new events in Screen and List
    [Fixed] Several paddings issues [Added] Padding factor. Thanks @Orlandoxx
    [MovieList] iconMarked, add flags
    Updated MovieSelection.py
    [Updated] simplification of getting stream full url
    [Updated] Several updates and code fixes regarding getting service information
    [Fixed] wrong creation of .eit file
    [Updated] ServiceMP3 record files to be with extension .ts
    [Updatetd] MovieList rendering
    [MovieList] Revert changes to collections icon
    [MovieSelection] add comment
    [MovieSelection] simplify function LivePlay
    [MovieSelection] restart service after movie finishes
    [Picon] Allow unicode filenames
    [InfoBarGenerics] use pickle.loads for byte strings
    [PluginBrowser] - PEP8
    [MovieSelection] - PEP8
    [ChannelSelection] - PEP8
    [ServicePosition] PEP8
    [ServiceInfo] - PEP8
    Revert " Add possibility that plugins can add instantiate screens to the InfoBars"
    [Various Converters] sync with PLi version to avoid confusion as we share this code with them
    [Converter] update appendToStringWithSeparator[aio-grab] - Thanks Lraizer, fix Capture screenshot on old boxes
    [Oscam] - latest & pscd use Gitlab master
    [vix cams] Add cccam 2.3.9 mipsel binary From: https://www.enigma2.net/emu-cccam-2-3-9/
    {openvix] add m3uiptv plugin
    update netspeedtest 2.1.5
    OpenViX softcam add CCcam 2.3.9, bump Emu
    add cam bins
    OpenViX Softcams - remove Stable and older cams
    vix oscam - use Hains repository in future when specifying versions, the commit ID will need to be specified oscam is now 1.30
    [CrossEPG] update Version to 0.9.1
    [icetv-plugin] fix license warning
    [dark-os] update license
    streamlink - added missing python3-exceptiongroup to RDEPENDS
    Update ncam-common.inc
    vix oscam - add streamrelay module
    [Ncam] Update
    libdvbcsa: precise optimization for mips64, neon, simd (#859)
    [openvix] update eitconfig
    libdvbcsa - fixed bb syntax
    libdvbcsa: more precise optimization for cpus
    [openvix] add eitconfig plugin
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    6.6.001 now available

    [Fixed] CI Assignment CAID selection crash
    [Fixed] Tuner CI assignment setup for DM handrware
    [Fixed] Wrong function access level
    [SoftcamScript] remove dead code
    [Satconfig] fix merge conflict
    [epng] restore png caching etc
    [configure.ac] - restore correct flag (alphablending) on some boxes
    [Translations] Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [Satconfig] remove import ConfigListScreen
    Setup parameter is not mandatory anymore in Setup screen
    Remove declaration of self.list as it is also decleared in Setup
    Use standard Setup class for fastscan
    [Satconfig] inherit UI from Setup
    Make setup parameter not mandary and default None for Setup Screen
    Resolve a classic mistake I made with default parameters
    [NetworkSetup] hand colour button management to ConfigListScreen
    [ConfigListScreen] should not use "dict" as default arg
    For Setup screen forward yellow/blue button functionality to ConfigList
    Use the new ConfigList color button functionality in FastScan
    Add possibility to add function behind color buttons in ConfigList
    [Translations] updated Finnish (fi.po)
    [NetworkSetup] hand colour button management to ConfigListScreen
    [ConfigListScreen] should not use "dict" as default arg
    [InputDeviceSetup] inherit UI from ConfigListScreen
    Try a better solution for the Satconfig regarding onChange entries
    For Setup screen forward yellow/blue button functionality to ConfigList
    Use the new ConfigList color button functionality in FastScan
    Add possibility to add function behind color buttons in ConfigList
    [Timeshift] replace ASCiitranslit with sanitizeFilename and clean imports
    [RecordTimer] replace ASCiitranslit with sanitizeFilename and clean imports
    [Directories][sanititeFilename] use oriignal Blacklist - remove parenthesis and spaces
    [Fastscan] updates for new UI
    [Satconfig] Resolve issues related to new ConfigListScreen UI
    [Fixed] Wrong selected item position got in case of two line service list
    [ConfigListScreen] on ok press, only show the ChoiceBox if the selection has more that one item
    [Git Workflow] - remove six
    [LocationBox] - remove six
    [NumericalTextInputHelpDialog] - remove six
    [ScanSetup] - remove six, sequence imports, change str variable name to datastring
    [ASCiitranslit] remove six
    [Netlink] remove six
    [Input] - remove six
    [e2reactor] remove six
    [xml2po] - remove six & unused py2
    [FastChannelChange] inherit UI from Setup
    [FastChannelChange] fix spelling
    [Translations] Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [TimeDate[Input] inherit UI from Setup
    [PliExtrainfo] - only return RES value when Procs ready
    [config.py] remove six and some cleanup
    [Satconfig.py] use the UI actions provided in ConfigListScreen
    [Satconfig.py] remove redundant code
    [avswitch] - fix get aspect(thanks jbleyel)
    [configure.ac] ViX now 6.6
    [AutoDiseqc] update frequency 36E
    [ServiceInfo] update parameter checks introduced by Ev0 (openbh)
    [ServiceInfo]{PliExtrainfo] - use C++ calls introduced in commit c8a79bb
    [Translations] Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    Update turkish translation as provided by @tersapy on WOS forum
    [Added] Possibility to exclude first CA device per CI slot. Usefull for boxes/drivers where CA devices cant be shared between modules and emus.
    [Setup] allow save/cancel for imanipulated items that have been removed from self["config"].list due to conditionals
    [UsageConfig] update Auto Subtitle Language
    [UsageConfig] Auto Language, remove force save
    [Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
    [UsageConfig] update autolanguage
    [Translations] Updated Finnish (fi.po) translation
    [Added] Possibility to disable operator profiles for CI+ module
    [StackTrace] add module
    [Navigation] remove code that seems to serve no purpose
    [Updated] Optimized code for iptv audio/subtitle track selection
    [Fixed] Exception when menu numbers are enabled
    Updated PictureInPicture.py
    [Updated] Extend serviceMP3 to support audio/subtitle track selection remebering
    [Added] Proper handling for iptv stream subtitles storing
    [Directories] - fix smallflash issues with ascii encoding
    [Translations] Translated "PiPZap"
    Added "PiP-Zap"
    [Translations] Corrected sentence.
    [ChoiceBox] tweak autoResize
    [genre.py] tweak logic of previous commit
    [genre.py] fix "OpenTV" unhandled error
    [elistboxcontent] whitespace
    [dvb_ci] change date check year
    Fix crash when CI module is deactivated in the menu
    [openvix bootlogo] Add some delays Copied from ATV commits as pointed out by @LraiZer
    move vuplus downloads to mirror
    linux vv fix typo
    octagon linux optimise usb speed for SF 8008 SUPREME
    add yamp to feed
    update kodi hisi zgemma/mutant thx listener
    [openvix.conf] update DISTRO_VERSION
    python/python3-jaraco.context_5.3.0.bb update lic md5 sum again
    revert update python3-setuptools-scm-git-archive-native
    python3-versioningit update -> 3.1.1
    python3-tempora update -> 5.5.1
    python3-soco update -> 0.30.4
    python3-setuptools-scm-git-archive update -> 1.4.1
    python3-scrapy update -> 2.11.2
    python3-sabctools update -> 8.2.2
    python3-requests-cache update -> 1.2.0
    python3-queuelib update -> 1.7.0
    python3-puremagic update -> 1.23
    python3-protego update -> 0.3.1
    python3-parsel update -> 1.9.1
    python3-mechanize update -> 0.4.10
    python3-levenshtein update -> 0.25.1
    python3-jaraco.functools update -> 4.0.1
    python3-jaraco.context update -> 5.3.0
    python3-jaraco.collections update -> 5.0.1
    python3-jaraco.classes update -> 3.4.0
    python3-itemloaders update -> 1.2.0
    python3-itemadapter update -> 0.9.0
    python3-icalendar update -> 5.0.12
    python3-exceptiongroup update -> 1.2.1
    add enigma2-plugin-extensions-yampmusicplayer.bb
    python3-cheroot update -> 10.0.1
    python3-babelfish update -> 0.6.1
    python3-rarfile use upstream version
    python3-twisted use upstream version
    update gerbera 2.1.0
    update sabnzbd 4.3.1 add python3-apprise 1.8.0
    gstreamer update 1.22.12
    pulsemini fix kodi build
    kodi gfeature forget to rename patch from 20 to 21
    kodi update build to Omega release
    alsa-lib - bumped PR and set build flags to fix Playback open error on device 'default': Inappropriate ioctl for device
    openvix: developer
    readded liba52, mpeg2dec bb recipes after being removed from OE-core as they are needed for some mipsel boxes
    python3 - removed PV 3.12.2 - recent version in OE-core is 3.12.3
    spdlog - bumped bbappend to match version in recent meta-OE
    transmission - updated 4.0.4 -> 4.0.5
    glibc 2.39 - refreshed patches
    extundelete - fixed do_install() parsing
    updated rclone 1.64 -> 1.66.0, tailscale 1.45.0 -> 1.64.2
    python3-bcrypt, cryptography - refreshed patches
    python3 - refreshed use legacy path for pycs patch
    use PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR instead of hard-coded site-packages directory path
    openssl, dropbear, libwebp - bumped bbappends to match latest OE versions
    layers.conf - updated LAYERSERIES to scarthgap
    [odhcp6c] (#865)
    [tuxtxt] (#873)
    [ServiceApp] * use new branch for openatv
    [edid-decode] now uses meson
    [openvix-enigma2] tweak previous commit
    [openvix-enigma2.bb] - resolve smallflash dependencies
    zerotier - refreshed accept external ldflags patch, removed unused gcc-10 patch, bumped PV 1.12.0 -> 1.14.0
    maxytec: tryfix taskhash mismatch
    [openvix] add SMALLBOXWIZARD
    [openvix] SMALLBOX, only load "en" local
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