I have my lcd set up how I want it and it works find when using dvb, but as soon as I change a stream to iptv, it displays the epg description on the lcd instead of how I usually have it set. if i open lcd4linux while on an iptv stream/channel, the preview on the right shows exactly what I want it to show, it looks just like what it would show if the stream was set to dvb (1) instead of iptv (4997/5001/5002).

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere that would get it to look the same for when it is set to iptv type stream? its the exact same setup, i can set the iptv stream to dvb and watch the exact same thing and have it display how I want it, but I want to use HLS via exteplayer3 to make the streams more reliable (I find sometimes the stream will just stop, and it never recovers, i have to change channel and then go back again to get it to re-start the stream, which I am hoping hls solves).