Hi, wasn't sure whether to put this query here, or in the general section.

At the moment I am using a technomate TM-2T on VIX 37 (planning fresh update this weekend) with an internal 1TB samsung 2.5" HDD.

I have just purchased a second box, a VU+ Solo2 for use in another room. Both of these boxes will have twin satellite feeds, and linked to the same network.

My plan is to share the HDD between both boxes on the network for viewing and recording. I was wondering however, is there a limit on how many recordings that can happen simultaneously on one HDD? I know sometimes I would see playback issues or stuttering on the 2T if I went to watch a recording, whilst another program was recording at that time - although this could be a TM issue, or possibly not being on the latest version of VIX.

Would it be advisable to move the HDD to the solo2 as the main unit, and share it from the TM? And back to my original point, is it possible for example to have 4 different programs recording at once, using all of the available tuners, and still watch a recording that is currently on the box?

Any help or advice appreciated.