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    Can you explain what you mean about "Alternatives"? All my IPTV streams are set to DVB Stream Type as this gives be the best results as using IPTV (4097) for the Stream Type threw the Audio Sync out after half hr of viewing whereas DVB (1:xx:xx) Stream Type gives perfect results.

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    Yeah sure. This is what I have got to work.

    I have 2 IPTV bouquets:
    1. for watching TV with streams set to DVB ie 1:0:1 etc which is quick to watch/change channels
    2. for recording TV with streams set to IPTV ie 4097:0:1 etc which is slow to watch/change channels but is perfect for recording

    I go into my satellite TV bouquet (3), select the channel I want and press menu->add alternatives.
    Then I add the IPTV channel I want from the recording bouquet 2 above.
    I do the same for all satellite channels that I also have IPTV channels for.
    Then I use telnet to connect to the box, send init 4 to stop enigma2
    Then I use ftp to edit the /etc/enigma2/alternatives.*.tv files to swap the original and new iptv alternative lines round
    Then in telnet I send init 3 to start enigma again

    When I set recording in satellite bouquet 3 above then actually are recorded from the alternatives ie the IPTV channels.

    Autotimers also work now too for IPTV recordings when using satellite bouquet 3 channels that have alternatives set

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