GT-Sat Unicable LNB's and splitters back in stock!
All 3 models of Unicable LNB we stock are SCR24, meaning you can supply up to 3x Twin Satellite FBC tuners or 24x Single Tuner Enigma receivers or any other Single Tuner receiver that supports Unicable.
GT-Sat Unicable LNB's also feature 1 to 3 legacy ports for non Unicable compatible devices.

Complete range HERE.

Unicable LNB's are a must have for Enigma 2 receivers
that have Satellite FBC tuners such as the following:

Gigablue UHD UE 4K
Gigablue UHD Quad 4K
VU+ Solo 4K
VU+ Uno 4K
VU+ Uno 4K SE
VU+ Duo 4K & VU+ Duo 4K SE
VU+ Ultimo 4K

With a Unicable LNB FBC tuners can be used to their full 8 demodulators potential.

These can also be used with all other Linux Enigma 2 receivers. Easily run a single cable from LNB to splitters and run cable from splitters to receivers.