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Thread: vu+ solo 4k with selfsat H50D4

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    vu+ solo 4k with selfsat H50D4


    I currently own a vi+ solo 4k. That used to be combine with standard dish and a SatCR Lnb. Since I now live in the suburbs in Denmark i am looking into finding less obtrusive sat dish, and fell over the selfsat H50D4.
    From the description i can see it's a quad LNB, I was hoping someone could help me get an idea about how many channels I would be able to tune with the build in LNB of this dish, and if the quad version is worth it over the single version at the lower price.
    If anyone has any experience this type of dish, i would be very interested in what you can tell.

    Best regards
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    The dish really isn't the important thing, it is the LNB built into it. You are better off having a Unicable LNB so that you can fully utilise the FBC tuner on the receiver. If you use a universal LNB, the quad version is better. There is a bug in Vix since at least 2018 which will restrict the number of channels that you can access. Some other image will allow you to record about 30 provided you are using two bands on the satellite, but that image will lock up.

    Once again, unicable 2/Jess LNB is best option.

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    Also if you are going to use such a small aerial it better be a powerful satellite.

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