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Thread: Transcoding VS Original quality

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    Transcoding VS Original quality

    Firstly, big thanks to the development team for this plugin.

    First time user of an enigma2 box (AX HD61), I set it up yesterday, and it worked straight away and plex allowed me to add it without any issues.

    So I can now view, and record my satellite channels direct from plex.

    That said, just trying to get my head around the quality. I set a recording in place for an HD movie overnight, but on checking it in the plex library afterwards it was recorded as 576i.

    So with some playing around, I found by playing around with the transcoding settings within one of the enigma2 plugin I could get higher quality. Although, in setting 1080, I had to push the bitrate down to 3.5Mbpms to avoid stuttering. (its being fed over ethernet, no WiFi).

    But how do I avoid it transcoding, am I not able to send it over to plex in native/original quality/resolution?

    If not, is anyone able to suggest if I should make any other adjustments within the transcoder setup to maximise quality but avoid stuttering...


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    So you are using "HRTunerProxy"? Please post screen grabs of the setup.

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