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Thread: Newbie questions (most suitable image, external TNTSat receiver, EPG, IPTV)

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    Newbie questions (most suitable image, external TNTSat receiver, EPG, IPTV)

    Hi all,

    I want to buy a Vu+ Uno 4K Se. We are watching UK, German and French and Chinese TV.

    I have a French Strong ST7406 receiver for TNTSat with a smartcard which I want to connect to the HDMI in of the Vu+. In that way, I hope to integrate the French channels in my general setup. (I assume, there is no way, or at least no easy way to pick up the TNT channels directly. 5W is not possible.) Here are a few newbie questions:

    1) Can I create a favourit/link to the receiver, e.g. "UK TV" to the FTA Sky-Bouquet and "French TV" to the TNTSat receiver?

    2) The recording functionality on the Strong receiver is very basic, I was hoping to do this with the Vu+. However, in another tread I read that this is just possible with VTI, Blackhole and the original Vu+ image. OpenVix was recommended to me. Is it worth to choose another image or should I stick to recording French TV externally?

    3) The EPG on TNTSat receivers are also very basic. Can I use one on the Vu+ and link that to the Strong receiver? I know when I change channels that won't be in sync.

    4) This is probably a niche question, but what is the most stable way to get the CCTV channels from China and others via IPTV? (We will also receive a few Chinese channels on 9E, 13E, and 28E).

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    1. If you are making your own bouquets, you can name them however you want. If you are using AutoBouquetsMaker, you can enable the "add the provider name to bouquets option" as a simple option. Otherwise you can use the favourite/custom mix files facility to do that.

    2. You can record using ViX.

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