Hi Folks,
Got good advice before on a sat box (SF8008 - great job, still going strong) about 2 years ago.
Hoping the community and give me their 2 cents again on a Digital Terrestrial / PVR device.

Looking for a Freeview HD PVR essentially, for the parents (mid 60's).
Anything on Argos or local electronics is pure dung basically from what I make out - the likes of Humax / Manhattan.

- Needs to be Freeview HD capable through an RF antenna. (They live in N.Ireland so if its Freeview HD compatible, they should get some of the RTE/Saorview broadcasts as well.)

- Easy to use

- 250GB or more storage space (I may clone the disk and swap with larger, if possible)

Nice-to-Haves but not essential:

- Freeview Play support
- Wifi (for Freeview Play and box updates)

- DVD / Blu-Ray playback

Do any 3rd party device support Freeview Play?
Cant find much info when looking it up, all very basic, only the Humax or Manhattan boxes.

@Mods - Maybe I am asking in the wrong forums for this, please move to correct if so.

An help/advice is appreciated.