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Thread: OpenViX 6.0 and support for Oscam

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    OpenViX 6.0 and support for Oscam

    With the introduction of OpenViX 6.0 the tools to run Oscam have been extended.
    For the last 3 months, Oscam has been built to support the ViX SoftcamManager and also the method used by OpenPli and OpenATV with a script based system
    This means that scripts are generated in /etc/init.d for installed Oscams such as Oscam-latest - the scripts take the name of the associated Oscam e.g. oscam-latest
    At the same time example Oscam config files are added in /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam-config-name e.g for oscam-latest there is an example config file generated in /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam-latest

    For those users that like running with multiple images, they can now use the script based method across all their images.
    On my systems, from power up , a default service (requiring Oscam) starts significantly faster.(20 -> 25 seconds)

    In ViX 6.0 menu -> setup now gives 2 options SoftcamManager and Softcam Script.

    SoftcamManager - this is the default method in OpenViX 6.0 and just requires selecting the Oscam and usually enabling Startup from boot (Blue button)

    Softcam Script - first ensure that in SoftcamManager - any Oscam is stopped and the Enable Startup is turned off. Also while in SoftcamManager, select Menu and turn off "Enable frozen check"
    Install the Oscam configs in the correct config file e.g. for Oscam-latest in /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam-latest
    Then select Softcam Script , select the installed Oscam e.g. oscam.latest

    While using the Softcam script method, the SoftcamManager panel will show the oscam running but also Active: Softcamscript running
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