Hello guys please help with this
I have 2 unicable LNB models inverto QUDL41-UNI2L-1pp and inverto 2-way unicable combiner IDLU-UCM101-00020-OP. Using only unicable out.
i need to combine 28.2 and 13E then enter to the house with one cable and finaly with spliter connecting to the receiver A & receiver B in different rooms.
receiver A & receiver B must watch all satellites at the same time. Example: (receiver A 28.2 & receiver B 13 same time)

Now my configuration with DISEqC and receiver A & receiver B can watch only or 28.2 or 13E same time.

as soon as I replacing the DISEqC with combiner, I lose the signal. I tried different options in the tuner settings, it does not work.
maybe the LNBs need to be programmed or other thing I dont know. Please help with this.