Hello all,

Apologies for the daft question but I haven't found a straight answer.

I've swapped out the old legacy LNB and now have a GT S1 DCSS 24 (that's what's on the box). I have an 8 way splitter (GT-sat with 75ohm terminators on the unused ports) in the loft and I seem to have about an 8dBm signal loss when comparing the legacy output to the SCR output. All new coax runs for the unicable run.

What if any is the normal signal difference between SCR outputs to legacy output signal strength? Quest Red +1 is 16dBm on legacy and 9dBm on SCR. I must admit I'm late to the party with unicable but I do like it

The legacy is my old hand finished screw on F-connector at each end the SCR setup has been done with compression F types. I've never used compressions before as I never trusted they bit into the outside braid correctly to provide a proper shield. My suspicion is the braid isn't connecting properly to the outer on the plugs.

cheers all