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Thread: Enigma 2 Settings by Morpheus883

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    Enigma 2 Settings 26th July 2021 by Morpheus883:

    Settings for Images based on Enigma 2.4
    First Settings with full support for Multiple Input Streams (MSI) & DVB-S2X*:

    # Satellites: 90 (Ku Band)
    # Ordered Provider Lists: 60+
    # Services: 17.492 (TV-Radio-Data)
    # Packages: 23 (TV-Radio-Data):

    MONOFeed (13E)
    DUALFeed (13E + 19.2E)
    HISPASAT 30W DUALFeed (30W + 13E)
    HISPASAT 30W TRIALFeed (30W + 13E + 19.2E)
    THOR 5/6/7 DUALFeed (0.8W + 13E)
    THOR 5/6/7 TRIALFeed (0.8W + 13E + 19.2E)
    ASTRA 4 DUALFeed (4.8E + 13E)
    ASTRA 4 TRIALFeed (4.8E + 13E + 19.2E)
    EUTELSAT 9 DUALFeed (9E + 13E)
    EUTELSAT 9 TRIALFeed (9E + 13E + 19.2E)
    EUTELSAT 16 DUALFeed (13E + 16E)
    EUTELSAT 16 TRIALFeed (13E + 16E + 19.2E)
    ASTRA 3B DUALFeed (13E + 23.5E)
    ASTRA 3B TRIALFeed (13E + 19.2E + 23.5E)
    ASTRA 2E/2F/2G DUALFeed (13E + 28.2E)
    ASTRA 2E/2F/2G TRIALFeed (13E + 19.2E + 28.2E)
    TURKSAT 3A/4A DUALFeed (13E + 42E)
    TURKSAT 3A/4A TRIALFeed (13E + 19.2E + 42E)
    THOR 5/6/7 ASTRA 4 TRIALFeed (0.8W + 4.8E + 13E)
    THOR 5/6/7 ASTRA 2E/2F/2G QUADFeed (0.8W + 13E + 19.2E + 28.2E)
    EUTELSAT 16 ASTRA 3B QUADFeed (13E + 16E + 19.2E + 23.5E)*NEW Special Edition
    ASTRA 3B/2E/2F/2G QUADFeed (13E + 19.2E + 23.5E + 28.2E)*NEW Beta Edition
    Motor - FULLFeed (45.0W - 76.5E)

    *Multiple Input Streams (MIS):

    Implemented full support for Multistream Transponders on 30.0W, 12.5W, 5.0W, 9.0E, 21.6E, 39.0E, 52.5E sat orbs: added complete extensions both in lamedb and satellites.xml.
    Basic support for T2-MI MS Transponders on 4.8E.
    Running on specific images/FW/HW only: install them directly or with E2 Editors with MIS extensions.

    *DVB-S2X Transponders:
    Added Transponders broadcasting new advanced DVB-S2X standard on 0.8W, 19.2E, 33.0E sat orbs.
    Running only with specific tuners/demodulators.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (pls specify stb model, FW, etc.)! Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me on this test

    The only settings with BlindMarke

    BlindMarkes are services specifically created for difficult/unexplored constellations, useful for pointing dish to difficult sats with the USALS/DiSEqC 1.2 support.

    Easy instructions:
    1. Open "Sat Pointer" folder
    2. Select the BlindMarke you desire in order to move your dish on the desired orbital position
    3. Once achieved, you can start blindscan or switch to C tuner

    === Compiled with Morpheus883's scripts ===
    ======= by Morpheus883, 2021 =======

    You can find the latest E2 settings and more... here.

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