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Thread: Pausing recorded radio problem.

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    Pausing recorded radio problem.

    Hi Guys,
    I'm almost a month into owning my VU+ Uno 4kSE. I'm really happy with it. But!... (there's always a 'but eh?)

    I record Popmaster on Radio2 every weekday but there's a problem pausing it on playback. It appears to be paused, the pause icon appears but it's still playing in the background and the timer is still running so when I press play (or pause again) its not at the point I pressed the pause button.

    I guess there's a setting hidden somewhere I don't yet know about?


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    I've seen this with recorded TV occasionally too. I think there's a subtle bug lurking somewhere because it's not easy to reproduce.

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    I've found that pausing a radio recording (chase playing) works every time, but skipping back 30 seconds with "one" can cause strange things to happen.

    Pause still works, but the progress bar continues to move, and then pause jumps back to where it should be - sound is still ok.

    It's easier to see when the programme recording has just started, as the progress bar is more sensitive and shows up more clearly.

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    I have a similar issue if I'm timeshifting radio. I often watch Formula 1 live on RTL Television on 19.2E with Radio 5 Live Extra tuned in for English commentary. The problem is that R5 Live audio is about 8 seconds ahead and it's difficult to pause the feed and then skip forward with any accuracy. I presume it's something to do with the fact that the bandwidth is so low and that there is not the same amount of clock data present to synchronise with. Once I get close to the end of the progress bar the audio sometimes hangs.
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