This has me foxed and is a real deal breaker for this box, its the AXHD61 and I have it on multiboot, used openvix, openatv, and pure2, also got hdnf but not used much.

Its to replace a VU + duo2 so today was the big switchover but I have now discovered it will not retain the 2 DTT tuners via USB at rear, its a Play TV tuner. Tuners will disappear, ie channels greyed out but epg details still visible. The only way to get tuners back is a hard re-boot ie power switch at rear. Tonight the tuners disappeared after a few hours use.

I have never ever come across this before and I have had ET XTREND, SOLO2, DUO2, UNO AND ZGEMMA H2S.

What could be causing this glitch? I hope there is a fix as box is very good pic quality top notch and its fast.