AutoTimer doesn't parse IPTV channels with EPG

I use ABM with the feature of replacing certain channels with IPTV streams that still allows maintaining of EPG. This setup works without an issue can do almost everything like you can with a normal DVB channel. Even setting normal timers work fine. The exception is setting an AutoTimer.

In the examples below, I'm referring to, as a test, "The Mentalist" on FOX which is an IPTV stream.

If I set a normal timer event (ie press record button to add timer) for this programme, it will highlight this red in EPG to indicate its found timer and will then record this. This then shows in timer.xml with the following service ref:
Now when I set an AutoTimer, for the exact same channel on same day/time, etc this is then parsed in autotimer.xml as:
Almost identical except "Fox" is missing from end after the ":". Manually adding the "Fox" in xml and rebooting, resulted in it being reparsed and "Fox" removed again.

Manually removing the "Fox" from normal timer.xml file, still allows this to be recorded. So even though there is a slight omission of channel name between AutoTimer and normal Timer (with regards to service ref), this isn't reason why it doesn't set timers for all matching events.

The problem appears to be with just how AutoTimer parses the data.

I've tried googling here and can see that someone provided a fix but don't think that ever worked as no one mentioned it did and I also tried adding the things he did into existing AutoTimer code but to no avail. This fix that was being attempted appears to be an if statement to find "http:" to determine it's an IPTV stream rather than normal DVB

Could someone with more python experience that myself able to take a look please?