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Thread: fallback tuner for 2 boxes

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    fallback tuner for 2 boxes

    I have a duo2 with 4 tuners that I use with 19.2E , 23.5E and 28.5E as fixed and all the other sats as rotor. My other boxes use fallback tuner on this box to view channels.
    I also have an octagon SF8008 that uses FB tuner.Would it be possible , if I connect a dish on 5W to the octagon tuners to share that to the duo 2 for the french channels ?
    What i want is to use the duo2 as main box and recordings and that the duo2 would look at the octagon for the channels from 5W.
    VU+ DUO2 quad tuner with HDD 1 TB + Latest Openvix and VU+ DUO2 FB tuner + Octagon SF8008 FB tuner
    Triax 88 cm rotor single LNB 30 E- 40 W
    1 Gibertini 1.00 m fixed - 3 quad LNB 19E-23.5E-28.2E

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    Create a bouquet on the SF8008 using MisPLsLcnScan plugin from the feeds.
    Import that bouquet to the Duo2 using RCSC plugin.

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