Hi there

Recently I have received my new DF8008 single tuner (V2) receiver, i have noticed that video qulaity is not good as my DM800HD.

DM800HD I was using DVI interface on 1080 resolution.

now with DF8008 I am using HDMI but quailty is not as good as DM800HD DVI output.

My TV suports 2160p30p only, it seesm it doesnt support HDR and 2160p60.

I have tried follwing images,

- OpenPLI7.2
- OpenATV6.4
- OpenEight 6.7
- PurE26.2

I have tried options from Video settings
- Resolution
- Rate
- HDMi setting (colorspace, Colorimetry, HDR Type)
- etc.....

even i have tried different HDMI cable

but the issue remain same, HDM800HD on DVI picture was very sharp and clearer.

I feel it is video rendering/processing issue.
Is there any setting which can enhnace this video output capibility?

Many Thanks.