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    Its setup as part of the partition setup automatically but maybe disabled if you switch bootmode (just forgotten! - a long while since i had the HD51)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_Hazza View Post
    I would start a fresh with your box. Reflash with the very latest ViX image and on FIW, set the box up with no backup restores and then proceed to initialise (format) your Hard Drive.

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    Thanks. I don't really want to initialise the hard drive unless I have too because my recordings will be lost. Would it be safe to delete the hard drive 'backup' folders through ftp?

    Quote Originally Posted by fat-tony View Post
    Are you using Kodi on your machine? I recall that swap was being activated on my HD51 when I trialled Kodi. Don't use it any more.
    No Kodi not in use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fat-tony View Post
    Are you using Kodi on your machine? I recall that swap was being activated on my HD51 when I trialled Kodi. Don't use it any more.
    I have a swap file activated on both my MBTwin and XTrend et8000.
    It doesn't cause any problems.
    It will only ever be used if it is needed, which it isn't; but if it were I'd rather that it were there than have the system crash.

    (Likewise I have swap enabled on my Linux laptop, desktop and servers. It isn't used there either...).
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    @birdman - I think the OP was questioning why the swapfile was activated on his machine. I suggested that it might have been because of Kodi install (which requires swap space to switch between enigma and itself IIRC). I realise that it probably has no bearing on his apparently low RAM issue, but then I don't think he actually has a RAM issue. I have a 16GB swap area on my desktop linux install which has never been used
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    I doubt there is a RAM issue either and the OP is not reporting any problem caused by low RAM. Linux will allocate memory even it is not actually using it (hence the low amount of "free ram"). A swap file wont do any harm but there is obviously a minor issue of why the 256Mb swap file is active.
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