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Thread: Vu+duo 4k vrash and loop

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    Vu+duo 4k vrash and loop

    Hi. My Vu+duo 4k crashed without reason when starting recording. And webt to constant loop. No reaction to anything. Poweroed off from main socket for 10min - started - thew same issue. Powered off from main socket for 5 min then with USB stick loaded on back withlatest image 5.3.0004 - not even react to usb stick - the same loop again.
    Attached crash log. Any idea what to do? First time I seen Vu+ not reacting for usb stick with new image.
    No other usb port has any usb or anything connected.
    Help pleaseEnigma2_crash.logEnigma2_crash.log

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    Where and what are you using as HDD???
    Gigablue Quad 4K & UE 4K
    .........FBC Tuners:
    ------------------> DUR-Line DCR 5-1-8-L4 Multiswitch to 1.5M dish(28.2E)
    ------------------> Spaun SUS 5581/33 NFA Multiswitch to 80 cm dish(19.2E)
    .......................> FBC & DVB-S2X into 90cm dish (27.5W) Opticum robust Unicable LNB
    AX HD61, Edision Osmio 4K+, Zgemma H9Combo, Octagon SF8008 using Legacy ports on multiswitches
    Zgemma H9 C/S into Giga4K

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