​I tried to setup a friend of mines Sony android TV so that they could stream directly from my et10000 receiver.

I sideloaded a few different apps but you needed a mouse input for them because they were designed for a touch screen input and not remote control inputs.

I contacted the developer of the "transcoding for xtrend" app and asked if it was possible to adapt the app to work on the android TV operating system.

They came back to me and said that they had developed a new app called E2streamer and it was already on the play store.

I tried it and it loaded fine but you couldn't select the settings tab because it didn't show up on the screen. I contacted them back and they modified the app and now it works great.

The main reason I was trying to get this particular app on the TV is because a few of the channels are HD only and they won't stream without stopping every few seconds.

The app allows you to stream a transcoded stream directly to the TV and allows you to change the transcoding settings from within the app. So far it has worked fine for me.

Its available on the android TV play store.

I don't know the developer but they were very helpful and has the app modified to work on the TV a couple of days after my first contract.