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Thread: Radio times EPG Emulator

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    Radio times EPG Emulator

    There are three significant bugs with CrossEPG downloader:
    1. When using a motorised dish, there is a false lock when moving east for 28.2e
    2. Combining OpenTV EPG data with Rytec data using EPG importer usually results in corrupt EPG.
    3. CrossEPG uses first matching namespace for each {nid,tsid,sid} combination and uses it for all satellites

    To work around these issues, a radio times EPG emulator has been created to obtain OpenTV EPG data and provide it to the EPG importer plugin. You will need to use EPG Importer after fetching the EPG data.

    If you only use CrossEPG downloader for 28.2, there is no benefit to switching to this plugin.


    (From openvix 5.2 044 and other OE-A images from 24/6/2019)
    Coming soon to OpenPLI Menu > Plugins > Green (Download) > Scroll to "System plugins" > radiotimesemulator > Confirm the installation




    Restart the GUI

    General EPG settings:
    As normal, make sure EPG is set to a storage device and not the internal flash memory

    Menu > Setup > EPG > Settings> EPG location> Change to the mount point you want to use > Save
    If you only have a USB stick connected, it will be mounted as /media/HDD

    4 EPG location.jpg

    Radio Times Emulator settings:
    Menu > Setup > EPG > Radio Times Emulator OpenTV Emulator Import

    Some PLi images will be: Menu > Plugins > Radio Times Emulator OpenTV Emulator Import

    Leave next two options off unless your receiver has issues with polling. Zgemmas, Xtrend, Spycat, Mutant,

    You can set a timer for fetching the EPG. Enter time and how often you want to download.
    Make sure it is before EPG importer

    In the example pictured, it is daily at 13:10.
    Press Yellow to perform an immediate download.

    5 GUI.jpg

    Once the radiotimes emulator has run, it will fetch the EPG data as well as create a provider for EPG importer.

    The process requires a free tuner to complete. If you don't have one, the picture will go black while it processes.

    EPG importer settings:
    Setup EPG importer plugin

    Menu > Setup > EPG > EPG-Importer

    Stage 1:
    Set up the main settings, like time, number of days, etc.
    On this screenshot, I have set it to 13:15

    6 EPGImporter1.jpg

    Stage 2:
    Set up the provider
    While in the EPG-Importer main setup page, press Blue for the sources
    Highlight "Radiotimes Emulator....." and press OK to expand the list
    Press OK to ensure that "OpenTV...." has a tick
    Only enable other Rytec providers that will not clash.
    Green to save

    7 EPGImporter1.jpg

    7 EPGImporter2.jpg

    Stage 3:
    Initial download.
    Once you set up your sources, you will be returned to the previous screen.
    You can manually download the ones you enabled instead of waiting for the automated time.
    Press Yellow (Manual/Download)

    EPG Importer will then fetch the selected providers.



    It will then run on the days/time you have set.

    RadioTimes XMLTV Emulator
    by LraiZer

    By Huevos

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    Hi Folks,
    I would firstly like to thank and congratulate both the team and the developer(s) for this plugin. I use it everyday for my guide data.
    What I particularly like is how genre information is displayed, ie Main Category - Sub Categories.
    Being a long time user of VU+/Enigma2 devices and enthusiast of media centre software for nearly 20 years, I now stream the channels from my STB to Kodi using their VU+/E2 client to play my live FTA channels.
    Everything works well, but I would like to ask if there is any specific reason why the genre information is within the <sub-title> tag?
    Is possible to show this info under the <category> tag, or have an option in the plugin to allow users to do this, if that's there preferred option?
    I could then get proper coloured genres on my TV Guide, rather than them appearing in the programme description as they do currently.

    Also, I'm not sure how true this is, but I'm sure I read fairly recently that OpenTv Guide Data supports Director, Writer, Cast, IMDB rating and EPGEventIcon tags.
    If any or all of these tags are available, what are chances of having them added to the current data?

    If none of the above is possible, I would welcome any other suggestions I could try.
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