We've put this short guide together of how USB flash the Maxytec Multiboot recovery menu.

Note the recovery menu does not need to be re-flashed unless you have an issue or theres an update. Recovery zip files are released with every image build, but please note you DO NOT have to re-flash or update the recovery menu unless needed.

At the time of writing this guide re-flashing the recovery menu is not removing or affecting the installed images. Note this could change in a future update cause you to loose of the images you have installed and setup.

A Maxytec Multibox purchased from us will have the latest Multiboot recovery menu pre-flashed at time of purchasing. The current latest revision is bootmenu r245.

1) Download latest recovery menu from OpenViX, OpenATV or wherever you wish to download from. Can be download from OpenViX downloads HERE. At time of writing this guide latest zip release is 'openvix-5.2.043.release-maxytecmulti_recovery_emmc.zip', again you DO NOT have to re-flash or update this Multiboot recovery menu with every release.

2) Unzip the file to your desktop. You will have the following files:

'multibox' directory

3) Format a USB stick MAX 8GB FAT32.

4) Copy all the files and 'multibox' folder to root of USB stick.

5) Power off the Maxytec multibox.

6) Connect USB stick to left side USB 2.0 port.

7) Carefully insert a paper clip into left side RESET hole and gently hold down the reset button.

8) Insert power cable whilst holding down reset button. Keep holding down the RESET button until front RED LED start flashing on and off.

9) Be paitient, once successful the Maxytec Multibox will reboot into the recovery menu.

10) You'll see various options, to not go off topic simply select 'Boot 1. LINUX_1' to boot into the image installed into slot 1. Screen will look similar as below, note you can see the revision number bottom left corner.