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    How much of a difference can upgrading the RAM do for you (DDR3)?

    Hi. So I've been running this computer for a good 5 years now. Actually a computer I've bought used from my friend, but the specs at that time were great and he gave me a pretty damn good price for it. The specs had 8GB DDR3 RAM, i5-4670k @ stock, and I pretty much used my old video card (GTX 570) for it to start. Upgraded the video card to a GTX1060 3GB, shortly after playing PUBG during the early days, although it honestly didn't seem to help very much.

    Soon, I then realized the RAM sticks were never placed in their proper positions to utilize dual channel. That change increased my FPS noticeably (at least 10), and there were less stutters overall, even in other games. It's crazy because I thought there was no way with my specs should be stuttering like this after reading a lot of forum posts sharing similar specs and run it with more FPS. And it wasn't just in PUBG either.

    I troubleshooted with MSI Afterburner to see the temps and all that, noticed that my RAM while playing would exceed the amount I actually had. I don't know how really describe it but I'm sure you guys would know what I mean. I think it's enabled via RAM usage? Anyways, I've noticed it's almost always at least 90% usage. If I have Chrome on, it's definitely going over 90% usage.

    Another thing I've noticed today was that the RAM frequency is @ 799MHz. I'm guessing that's normal if you're running dual channel right? How much of a difference would upgrading from 8GB to 16GB be for all those games I'm hitting close to 100% in, and how much of a difference would 1600MHz be vs 1866MHz?

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Some answers to the same question here:

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    Ill ban mark3217 before he posts the hidden link

    Thanks willo

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    RAM speed is not very important. For games the 3GB 1060 was not the best choice. If you do not have already think about a SSD.

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    i would agree a ssd would be the way to go faster load times
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