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    Front panel time

    I suppose nobody has this box anymore but here goes nothing. I have one and am quite satisfied, bought it second hand about a year ago. Except for ONE small thing... When I put the box into deep standby the front panel clock seem to be running a bit too fast. After about 6 hours box wakes up half an hour too early for timer, after 12 hours of deep standby it wakes up hour too early etc. I have updated front panel firmware but surprisingly it did nothing to this issue. I assume there's no battery or real time clock and front processor keeps time via software. Is there any way to get the front panel clock to run closer to real time when in deep standby? For now I have created power timer to wake up the box once a day so that in case there's no program timers clock doesn't wander too far. Using latest OpenVix 4.2 as support for this box has been terminated. I tried OpenATV also but it has laggy UI and seems to cause box to freeze often at 49% when booting and only solution is to turn off power via back switch.
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