I have a IPTV provider, I have installed the XtreamTV plug in and it works......

I have also installed the channel list in the bouquet sections, that were provided as a m3u file for me. The channel can be selected and plays from this list but the EPG is blank.


I have a epg URL that has been provided, if you place it in a standard web browser you get the following code back

<channel id="4Seven.uk"><display-name>UKe: 4Seven</display-name><icon src="http://vtpi.club/chansicons/4sevenhd.png"/></channel><channel id="5star.uk"><display-name>UKe: 5 Star</display-name><icon src="http://vtpi.club/chansicons/5star.png"/></channel><channel id="5starplus1.uk"></channel><channel id="FiveUSA.uk"><display-name>UKe: 5 USA</display-name><icon src="http://vtpi.club/chansicons/5usa.png"/></channel>
at the end of the epg file is the program and description section.

How do I add this EPG to my Bouquets, I believe the channel ID's are already correct for my listing.

Also once the EPG is compiled will this allow me to record a single IPTV stream?