Hi guys. I am a sattelite novice looking for hardware recomendations.

What I want is a multi LNB, fixed dish setup to pick up hotbird, astra 1, astra 2 and probably a fourth, because why not?
I was thinking of using quad LNB's, each connected to a diseqc switch and each switch feeding an input on a quad PCI-e tuner card, meaning each tuner would have access to all 3/4 sats.
Doing some research I learnt about the unicable LNB's. Using these instead would mean less cableing (assuming I can use a single diseqc to connect all LNB's with a single cable?), but much more expensive LNB's. This is assuming that the quad LNB's I was looking at werent cheap crap and the the unicables werent overpriced.

Looking for any advice on which setup to go for and what hardware to buy. Maybe you guys would go a totally different route? I live in the midlands. I saw people telling a guy that was doing something similar that his 1m dish was massive overkill. Also seen a guy using a modified standard Sky dish with success. I want a reliable set up. I dont want a crappy signal when it rains heavy etc.