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Thread: Bought a new UE 4K, juddery playback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn2 View Post
    It's the drivers. If I manually put the old drivers into current images = instant cure
    Happens on vix, atv, teamblue. Fresh flash of any image, happens instantly. Put old drivers in, no issues.
    Only affects some TVs (I believe it's a sync issue and some TVs are fussier) can switch input on tv to another device and back again and signal then syncs properly without even touching the box.
    These are the facts.
    Affects several users here and on German forum.
    Gigablue don't seem to care.
    Yup. Tested this tonight. Same issue. Switch inputs and fixes it without touching the box.

    And simple steps to switch the drivers over? Are they hosted somewhere to easily pull down.

    This is nonsense.

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    Here is a link to the drivers in my google drive. These are taken from Openvix-5.2.006 which is just before it all went badly wrong (late 2018)

    I use WinSCP to copy files but you can do it however you want. The box doesn't seem to mind all this being done when it is running. I suppose the drivers have been loaded by then so it doesn't notice!

    I've just this evening done it in fact with the latest OpenATV image which has pulled in new (but still bad) drivers. This is the current procedure but it could change if they modify some extra files in future or change the config. Nothing to lose if you take a backup first.

    Anyway, here's what I do.
    Note:After copying each file, ensure permissions are rwxr-xr-x (0755)

    1) Delete all files in /usr/share/platform
    2) Copy dvb.ko, dvb_init.bin, nexus.ko, nxserver to /usr/share/platform
    3) Copy the five .so files into /usr/lib
    4) Copy gigablue-platform-util to /etc/init.d
    5) Remove three symlinks config, dvb_init, nxserver from /usr/bin

    ...reboot and you're good until they next update the drivers

    Same procedure works on all three of my multiboot images (OpenATV, OpenVix and PurE2)

    You will lose as well as gain with this.
    + no more juddery playback!
    + IPTV streams start playing straight away (instead of frozen picture for 5 seconds)
    - the missing DVB-C/T2 tuner syndrome is back because they fixed that just after they broke everything else.

    I use the cable tuners, but it only affects a full reboot. Restart GUI is fine, as it start from cold or deep standby by timer.
    If I want to reboot I go into deep standby for 20 seconds then wake it up. If a forced reboot I switch it off at the back for 20 seconds as it restarts. A minor inconveniece to get the box working properly in all other ways.
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