Hi all experts:

I have an old Clarke-Tech 3100 Plus receiver which worked perfectly fine till a month back when I moved to my new place. During the move, the receiver was unplugged and off for few weeks.

When I installed everything at my new place, the receiver acts strangely: when I plug it in and turn the power button on, most of the times (say 95%) it does not turn on, the front panel is off completely.

But once in a while, the front panel shows the receiver is on and in standby, then everything works fine, the channels are all there. Now, if I turn it off again using the power button, then I have difficulty turning it on: most of the times when I turn it on using the power button, the front panel is just off and does not show anything. But then once in a while, the front panel shows standby and all works fine!

I wonder if this is due to booting? Maybe flash (but if it is the flash, why is that all channel data are just fine when it works)? I read there maybe a battery on the main board which finishes after 5-7 years?

I have checked the power PCB and all voltages are there correctly.

Anybody has any idea?

Thanks for your expert opinion and happy new year in advance!