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Thread: flashing help

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    currently running 5.3.039 and wanting to upgrade to 5.3.040 Running Open Vix

    Sorry, Im currently running 039 and want to upgrade to 040. I've tried couch flashing and it downloads fine. But when it gets to using the image manager the flash bar just freezes and it doesn't update.

    So I thought I would download the new update image to a usb. The instructions say push the power button when you turn the box on with the USB (and image) plugged in. But I assume the power button is the standby button? The white lit button in the middle of the front panel. If that is the case then it still doesnt update the image.

    UPDATE: it just worked as couch it has now flashed the new updated image....thanks

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    UN fortunately these boxes are temperamental. I have 2 and A I don't update the software ie if it aint broke dont fix, B. I have numerous USB sticks. I use openatv in both.

    Flashing, you need usb formatted to Fat32 and nothing else on it, zip extracted. No other USB sockets in use. I use a SANDISK cruzer and its tops. And its 32gb. You wont gain anything by upgrading but as I said you may have to try more than one usb stick. The button you press and hold until reading or update appears is the one that turns box on and off. Its the smallest one on the left.

    Try this, box powered off, put in usb in front, hold power button in and keep holding switch on at back and wait.

    Great news.
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