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    Add UHD Demo Channel into Custmix xml


    I have a custom mix file where I've added Saorview into the custommix for freesat 282. This works perfectly.

    There are two UHD demo channels, SES UHD Demo and Astra UHD Demo that I would like to add as well.

    In order to be able to these channel I need to know their source channel numbers. The only thing is I don't know where to find that information, I can't even find the providers in the ABM providers folder so not sure where to start.

    I've attached images of the transponder info for the channels.

    Here is my custom mix code:

                    <section number="1">Saorview</section>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="1" target="1"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="2" target="2"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="3" target="3"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="4" target="4"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="5" target="5"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="6" target="6"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="7" target="7"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="8" target="8"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="9" target="9"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="10" target="10"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="11" target="11"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="12" target="12"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="13" target="13"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="14" target="14"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="15" target="15"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="16" target="16"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="17" target="17"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="18" target="18"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="19" target="19"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="20" target="20"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="21" target="21"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="22" target="22"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="23" target="23"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="24" target="24"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="25" target="25"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="26" target="26"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="27" target="27"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="28" target="28"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="29" target="29"></insert>
                    <insert provider="terrestrial_ie_saorview_PSB1" source="30" target="30"></insert>
    Anyone have any guidance on how to do this?

    Thanks in advance
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    Are these channels part of the Freesat package?

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