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    ABM Frequency Finder: Add HD channels/regions. UK Terrestrial

    From ABM 3.1, a new feature will be available in ABM to scan for local masts. This is for changes as well as for adding regions.

    Enable Expert mode
    You will see the new option "Show DVB-T frequency finder". Enable it.


    Exit out of the "Configure" menu.
    Highlight DVB-T Frequency finder.
    Press OK to start. Note: Pressing Green will run ABM.


    The frequencies will be probed. This will take a while.


    At the end of this stage of the process, a new provider will be created. Names will vary. In this example it is called "London Terrestrial"

    04_Provider created.jpg

    Disable the "official" ABM provider. You can re-enable it after the ABM file has been updated with the details you upload

    Select the provider as normal and run ABM.

    05_Normal ABM.jpg

    The new provider file will be called terrestrial_finder.xml and located in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/AutoBouquetsMaker/providers
    To save you having to run the scan again, save the file.

    Better still, submit a pull request on Github
    so that details can be added to ABM.
    If not possible or unsure, upload to forum and someone will do it.

    This has been done primarily for the UK, but may work for other countries too.

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    To post your submissions see this thread

    If you have an issue with AutoBouquetsMaker and Freeview and the above does not help, please start your own thread.

    Please ensure you attach the file created by ABM DVB-T frequency finder and add logs as per this thread
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