hello, trying to have my vu+ recordings (no live tv) loaded in my plex library but can't manage. system is

vu+ uno 4k (recordings in .ts )
plex server on docker on a rockstor linux open source nas
beelink gt1 / mecool m8s w on coreelec clients with plex for kodi addon (work fine for audio files)

as the systems is linux based i've tried mounting the vu hdd on the rockstor nas (/mnt/vuplus) perm. 755) but despite i can see the files from ftp, plex cant scan them, i guess for permission. if i upload any of the xxxxxx.ts files from the vu in the same created directory, plex finds it and list it in the "vuplus" library, so it's not matter of file system, format, name, etc.

any idea how to achive this?

thank you