Duo2, OpenVIX 5.1.013. Recently updated from .008 using usb flash and config restore. This has now happened twice in the last 2 weeks.

First was when suddenly the LCD kind of rotated by itself (pic1). It continued to update but the image was messed up. According to LCD4Linux config nothing was wrong. "Restart displays" wouldn't work, had to restart entire box, just enigma2 restart did nothing.

Second time the colors on the display inverted (pic2). Also continued to update and had to reboot the box.

I'm trying to figure out if this is a hardware issue or something in LCD4Linux. The version I have is 4.9-r27.

This is the first time I've had this kind of issues with the LCD. Back when I was using OpenVIX 4.2 there was no problems at all. I then upgraded to 5.0 (restore config) and then to 5.1 using 5.0 config restored.

The box itself works fine even with the display messed up. Nothing in the debug log to indicate this. I don't use any display switching etc., only 1 screen used. All the shift/change etc. buttons are disabled.

So is there any known issues with the latest version of LCD4Linux? Do I even have the correct version because plugins were restored after upgrades so maybe it grabbed the wrong version? I see there is a version 5.0-r0 (at openatv forum) available but no idea what is shipped with the latest OpenVIX 5.1.

I could restore a complete 4.2 setup to try but since this occurs rarely and even if it works I don't know what to try next apart from completely re-config a fresh install of 5.1 and LCD4Linux without restore (a lot of work).



What it's supposed to look like: