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Thread: Kodi very slow to boot up

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    Kodi very slow to boot up

    It takes about 20/25 seconds to boot up, once running its ok, the last image I was on which was OpenPli was about 5 seconds.
    I know its not a huge problem but I keep thing the box has frozen.

    Any ideas,

    Thanks johnasat2
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    I also have this issue.

    - I make a clean install of Kodi and scrape my Library. Everything is fine, performance is OK, etc
    - Then i restart my maschine and after the restart XBMC is very slow. The start is slow and also the entire UI is behavin very slow. I also checked the loading time: After the first start it took ~45 sec. to proceed the resolution list. The second start took only 3 sec. !!! Normally also during the first start it only takes a few sec.
    - I also notice that when pressing the arrow-buttons of my keyboard or the mouse scrolling is not smooth. Even when i hold the button KODI is only jumping to the next item in the list instead of scrolling through the list

    When i then close XBMC and restart it the behaviour is OK, everything is fast etc until the next restart.

    I Have also a 2 Display setup: a Samsung TV (Secondary) and a BenQ Beamer, which is my primary output. I tried to disable the secondy display, but without any effect.

    I traced this issue back to the nightly from 09.Oct.2014, maybe even older. I just installed the nightly from 21. June 2014. This was my last working version before installing the current nightlies. Hopefully its not my Hardware or windows setup that causing the problems.

    I will upload my Logfiles later. I also created a video to show the behaviour.

    Hopefully this can be reproduced

    Thanks in advance
    btw: I'm using a Zotac ZBOX ID91, 8 GB RAM, 64 GB Crucial M4 SSD with an Intel HD4400 graphix-card

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