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    Unicable devices and tune failed messages

    The default delay built into enigma2 between powering up an LNB/switch and sending tuning instructions is not sufficient for Unicable devices. This means from a cold start or first satellite service selection a "tune failed" message is displayed.

    Unicable devices are digital devices. That means a finite amount of time is required to elapse for the Unicable device to boot, between being powered up and receiving the first instructions on what to tune. Each Unicable device requires a different amount of time to boot, ranging anywhere from 0.4 seconds to 3 seconds. If not enough time has elapsed between the receiver powering up the Unicable device and the receiver sending the tuning command to it, the result will be the Unicable device will not respond to the command and a "tune failed" message will be shown.

    To avoid the "tune failed" message and make the receiver tune in a stable way the default delay needs to be lengthened. To do this follow the instructions below.

    Switch off and disconnect any other receiver that is using the same Unicable device.

    Go to Plugins Browser ( Menu > Plugins > GREEN > system plugins ) amd download "satelliteequipmentcontrol" plugin.

    Open the plugin ( Menu > Setup > Tuner config > Satellite equipment setup ) and accept the warning message.

    The setting we are interested in is "Delay after enable voltage before switch command".

    Increase this setting. "0800" is a good starting point.

    Now save the settings and exit.

    Do a GUI restart. With any luck the "tune failed" message no longer shows. If so you are done. If not, open the plugin again and increase the setting by 200. Keep doing this and testing until the "tune failed" message is no longer displayed on a GUI restart.

    Add the plugin and same delay to any other receivers that will be using this Unicable device.
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