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    Amiko Alien 2 EPG problem

    Hi all
    I have a Amiko alien 2 which run flawlessly for a few months since I set up the VIX4 E2 project image on it. It still works fine except the EPG on free view channels appears a mess of transparent lines like a software fault(the only way I know how to describe it). I'm not an enigma genius or close but I can find my way around the box software. The EPG still works fine on sly channels, just free view are messed up. I use EPG-importer(recommended after problems with cross epg/usb drives) which has worked perfectly up to now, I don't know if its it or something else causing the problem. The epg info is showing up ok for freeview channels if I'm in a sly channel just not when I'm in the freeview channels themselves. I know this box is more or less obsolete but unfortunately I don't have the money to upgrade to a vu box from the sponsor which I would dearly love to do.
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    We don't support those receivers, and the ViX4 E2 Project is not ours, but indeed a hacked version. If you would be kind enough to re read the forum rules, especially Rule #19 that would be fab. You need to go back to wherever you bought the receiver from as you won't get help here. Soz.

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