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    IPTVPlayer issues


    I realise IPTVPlayer is a third party plugin, I was looking to see if anyone could offer an explanation/fix to the following?

    I have a VU Duo and a et8000 and latest iptv works perfectly on 4.2.21 (and previous 4.2.xx).

    I have been advising friends to get either et7500's or et8500's as et8000 is no longer available. I have been setting them up for them, all with the blue-hd skin which all works perfectly except that IPTV has never worked on either of the newer extrends past 4.1.16. It just freezes/hangs at the point of playing video/stream. Box then has to switched off by the rocker.

    It seems to be a playback issue but I can't understand what is so different from the et8000 that would cause this. Is there an ITPV playback setting that needs to be changed or a box setting?

    It works fine for them at the minute but I would rather have them on latest versions of Vix so they can keep up to date.

    Any help appreciated, Thanks.

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    Sorry, don't have an answer but I'm in the same boat as you.
    IPTV Player does not work on xtrend 8500 running OpenVix 4.2.0 upto vix 4.2.18
    To be honest I have tried it since 4.2.18 as I haven't got round to reflashing. I have kept them on 4.1.16 because of the IPTV problem and the recording issues /standby problem with the latter having apparently been resolved since 4.2.20;
    If I do get round to trying then I will let you know.

    What I do know is that IPTV Player works fine running Openvix 4.2.x on Mutant HD1500 and OSMini boxes. It also runs fine on OpenATV 5.3

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    hi i have a question im installing iptvplayer from the feeds and it is detecting and downloading extra things, when i want to deleted, uninstalling from the feeds all the extra content will also be deleted?
    if not where i can delete it?
    good day

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