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    No tuner Lock on Xtrend ET7500

    Hi all, ran into a strange problem last night. I set up a Xtrend ET7500 for a friend, when I ran ABM for sly roi I kept getting tuner time out errors, when I ran Freeview Uk it picked it up fine. I have a near perfect signal strength for BBC one on Freeview. I am wondering could this be a LNB issue. Any advise would be appreciated. Ps. the box worked fine on my dish 30 mins before. Thanks

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    Just to be correct Freeview is via an ariel and Sly is via a satellite, so there is no reason to mention in a fault report, unless you meant you scanned Freesat.
    In which case, yes your dish may need realignments or the LNB has a faulty quadrant.
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