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    Supreme Dark Motor

    Hi All,
    I need some advice
    I'm in the process of installing a motorised system, The motor being a supreme dark motor the one with the led display.
    I have a duo2 box. after reading numerous guides and threads I have set the duo2 up. the problem I have and Im not sure if it's a motor fault.

    If I use the goto0 command the motor goes to 0 fine if I tell it to go 70 east over shoots to 77 the same thing happens if I tell it to go west but only to 73 the problem is it appears to be overshooting. if I goto say 30 w it does not overshoot by the same amount the further E or W the motor is sent the larger the overshoot.
    I don't know if its a motor fault or not. I have tried to a cheaper Ibox2 and get the same result. both are running openvix
    It's doing my head in I don't want to waste more time trying to set up until I know what the problem is. I have no way of proving what the fault is while I have a professional sat meter is doesn't have motor control

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    Your dish isn't following the arc correctly, you will need to align it properly.
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    What do you mean it is going over? Do you mean the motor spindle is turning further than the sat position on the arc?

    What is your longitude.

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