Hi , I have been having problems with my Technomate TM-T2 (running Openvix 3.2.027)

This problem first started a few weeks ago (running older version of Vix image). Would be watching a channel then after a while it would glitch, but I don't mean freeze or the normal glitch. This looks like when a computer screen graphics have failed , sometimes would just go green with afew glitched areas on screen or sometimes with just pixels just dotted all around the screen but always with the sound running ok in the background. So I thought I would reflash a new image which went on fine. Set it all up and it worked fine for 30-40mins, then the screen went down as before with the sound running ok in the background. Also the menu's come up ok and are not glitched at all.

I have had to go back to my spare skybox f3 , because the TM-T2 is unwatchable at the moment.

To me it sounds like a hardware problem, but i'm not a techie and just guessing. Could anyone else have any ideas on what could be wrong?
All help would be much appreciated thank you.