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Thread: Switching from RTSP to HLS streaming

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    Switching from RTSP to HLS streaming

    Hey guys.

    I'm in the process of building a streaming app for iOS for OpenVix.

    I have streaming working via Open Webif. It works fine via VLC.

    However I'm trying to find the code behind this. What "project" has that streaming code? From looking, openwebif is just the UI, not the actual streaming code.

    Is this part of enigma? I've cloned the source but I'm not seeing where the streaming code is. Perhaps it is device specific?

    I need to be able to stream via HLS format - which is now common in the iOS world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rdougan View Post
    Hey guys.

    I need to be able to stream via HLS format - which is now common in the iOS world.

    You can still stream to iPad etc from VU+ DUO 2 , I use these transcoding options so i can watch when im at my caravan over wifi or 4g.

    PORT: 8002
    Encoder 0 Auto mode : off
    Bitrate: 500 Kbits (although you could try anything from 300 to 1mb)
    Framerate: 25 (i changed this from auto, as it was trying to send 60fps)
    Resolution: 480p (i don't see any point in making it larger on the ipad)
    Aspect ratio: auto
    audio codec: aac
    video codec: h264
    gop frame b: 0
    gop frame p: 22
    Level: 2.1
    Profile: High

    Although i have seen documentation that says level 3.1 and profile Main
    (but settings above were better for me on more devices)

    I agree HLS would be useful, then rather than a web page of links to play the live stream, the live streams could be populated into jwplayer if HLS spec, for a better in browser experience and preview (and hopefully lower latency)
    Doesnt all this depend on if HLS encoding can be performed on a box such as VU+ Duo 2 ?
    Other option would have been RTMP output, or Fragmented MP4 streams.

    I gave up on a similar web based app in the end, and just made use of the same links openwebif provides, and created a web page with the channels i wanted and created a web page for my own use with the logos of the channel (but it would have been nice to have a configurable EPG with logo page without all the other openwebif content)
    VU+ DUO 2 / 4 TB HDD / dual S2 / dual T2

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