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    Search Results in Genesis

    Hi all,
    I'm pretty new to all this and just wondered if anyone knows why I get different search returns on different systems using the same application, Genesis?

    I have XBMC (last version) installed on Windows (3 systems all windows 10) and have an Android box M8. If I search for a particular movie e.g. San Andreas I get completely different stream all with different quality. Is this normal?

    If this is a daft question I'm sorry, we all have to start learning somewhere.

    Thanks for any answer in advance.


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    Hi m8 have a look at this thread . I believe quite a few have had problems with Genesis with versions later than 4.8.0 . I removed 4.8.5 and placed a older version on my box 4.4.6 and hey presto all works fine might be worth a try to see if it cures your problems.
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