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    Seeking help and assistance.

    Hello everyone.
    I'm new to this forum I looked for a forum in French speaking Linux system and Enigma 2 but I have not found. So I asked the members of this forum to apologize for my English a little heavy, but I will be brief and explicit.
    I just bought a brand IPTVl television receiver superbox spark S750 Linux and enigma 2, it works well for me, but I're back with me or I work 900km from my house, but unfortunately I have a Connection in local network in my business so it does not work we need our administrator gives permission.
    But as long as it has a USB input I want to make it work with wifi but I do not know what the procedure is and how to recognize my wifi usb key or external hard drive to make it work, so for that I asks for help I found the drivers see the picture but can not download the connection problem still.
    I try to downloaded on your site or another for installed via a USB stick that is if possible so I'm going to run my receiver via wifi.

    see pictures

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