Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is now available for download. This release builds on Ubuntu MATE Beta 2 and mostly fixes bugs.

As usual preparing this release of Ubuntu MATE has been a team effort. Thanks to Mike Gabriel, Vlad Orlov, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre, Martin Pitt, Adam Conrad and Daniel Holbach for helping get the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 release out the door. Thanks guys!

What works?
People tell us that Ubuntu MATE is stable. You may, or may not, agree.

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 new features
Here is a run down of some of the new features in Ubuntu MATE 15.04 compared to Ubuntu MATE 14.10:

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is an official Ubuntu flavour.
Established a hardware partnership with Entroware.
Added PowerPC and Raspberry Pi 2 as supported hardware architectures.
Added a new default theme called Yuyo.
Added user interface switching to MATE Tweak.
Added fully integrated Compiz support.
Added Tilda pull-down terminal.
Added Folder Color.
Added LightDM GTK Greeter Settings
Added categories to the system menus.
Added new community contributed desktop backgrounds.
Updated to Linux 3.19
Updated to MATE Desktop 1.8.2.
Updated to Firefox 37.
Updated to LibreOffice 4.4.
Updated GTK 3.x themes to use full colour icons, like their GTK 2.x counter parts.
Updated all themes to offer improved Client Side Decoration (CSD) support.
Replaced Totem with VLC.
Replaced Cheese with guvcview.
Replaced upstart with systemd.
...and many other minor improvements and bug fixes.
You can find the official Ubuntu release note here:

What changed since the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 2 release?
Here is what changed since Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 2:

Updated Rhythmbox to 3.1
Updated Plank to 0.9.0
Updated ubuntu-mate-artwork to 0.4.7 which adds improved Client Side Decoration (CSD) support.
Fixed OEM install mode.
LP :#1436937
Fixed Virtualbox guests only getting a resolution of 640x480.
LP: #1368784.
Fixed restarting the computer from the live session and upon completion of an install.
LP: 1436816
Virtualbox guests still require a manual power off. LP: #1447038.
Fixed installing the Virtualbox X.org drivers via the Additional Hardware utility.
LP: #1434579
Fixed corrupt Korean fonts in Ubiquity.
LP: #1437961.
Fixed missing translations and incorrect window decorations when enabling Compiz in MATE Tweak.
LP: #1433562.
LP: #1441072.
Fixed auto-mounting devices formatted with exFat and connected via USB.
LP: #1441728.
Fixed missing swap when using home directory encryption.
LP: #953875
Fixed mate-terminal.wrapper so that home directory encryption passphrase can be recovered.
LP: #1445198
Fixed assorted MATE bugs in Debian that have been synced with Ubuntu.