The newest image “Raspbian for BananaPi v2.0" has released. Everyone can donwload it now for enjoying it.

This time LeMaker has updated the kernel to 3.4.90. The images can be used both on Banana Pi and Raspberry Pi boards. They two can both boot normally and work well. LeMaker has fixed most of the bugs existed in Raspbian version 1.0, such as the problem that Logitech HID devices could not work. LeMaker also solved the problem that the Banana Pi could not be awake up after entering the sleep mode.

Arduino 1.5.4 and S4A v1.4 are pre-instlled on the images. All the pins on CON1, CON2, CON3, J11 and J12 ports are opened in 'script.bin' file, users can control the pins through 'sys/class/gpio'. By default, the OTG is not opened as the OTG making the system load too much heavy, but users can open it through replacing the original script.bin file with the one here script.rar (7.29 KB, Downloads: 131) .

Please download the release note for more details.

Release note
Raspbian for Banana Pi v2.0
Release date: 2014-05-27
> Updated kernel to 3.4.90;
> This images can be used both on Banana Pi and Raspberry Pi boards. They two can both boot normaly, and the main functions work OK.
> Modify the u-boot information to Banana Pi;
> The default user login account is pi/banana;
> For Banana Pi, added more drivers support to usb wifi adapter,includes 8188eu serial and 8192cu serial; But the 8192 seirals usb wifi are not very stable. For example, if you plug out the usb wifi dongle when the wifi has connected, and plug in it angain, the wifi can not connect this time, you must reboot the system. So you should be more caution in using this serial usb wifi dongle.
> For Banana Pi, the GMAC driver is now using the driver below the linux kernel source code.
> For Banana Pi, added driver support for more Logitech HID devices,such as K330, K400.
> For Banana Pi, changed power off time of pressing the power key to 4 seconds;
> For Banana Pi, modified the sunxi-gpio driver source code and added it into kernel;
> For Banana Pi, opened all pins on CON1, CON2, CON3, J11 and J12 ports in script.bin, the squece is based on RPi.GPIO pin mapping definition. You can control all the pins through "sys/class/gpio";
> Replaced the default wallpaper to Banana Pi wall paper;
> Installed the arduinio 1.5.4 and arduino 1.0.1;But arduino 1.5.4 cann't programe for Arudino ARM board;Create the desktop inco for arduinio 1.5.4;
> Installed the SA4 1.4 version;
> For Banana Pi, fixxed the problem that Banana Pi could not be awake after it entering sleep mode;
> For Banana Pi, fixxed the problem that users cann't login through the serial port;
> Deleted the redundant files in root file system to make system more light.
> As the OTG makes the load heavy, so the OTG isn't opened by default, but users can replace the original script.bin with the one that has opened the OTG. The script.bin for OTG can be downloaded from the forum.

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