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    PC died need a replacement

    Looks like my PC died tonight, fans etc still spinning but no output to monitors. Guessing a new graphics card might fix it but it's a few years old and needs updating so looking for a new system. It's only used for internet, MS Office, a bit of streaming and photoshop so nothing too taxing. Would this be a sensible replacement or does anyone know of a better deal around the same price point

    No problem building it myself, just no idea what the current spec of components is and haven't got time to do much research as need a pc asap


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    looks quite OK for the price. I seems to use on board graphic Intel HD 4x00 which is fast enough for most applications and a faster graphic card can be inserted later if needed. I started 5 years ago with SSD and I think at least a 128GB SSD should be in every system now. You get boot- and programm-start times you never imagined:-)

    SSD only for OS and programs. Data on large normal HDD.

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    the same thing happened to me on Sunday i normally leave my PC Running all the time but on Saturday night i decided to turn it off to give it a rest lol on Sunday morning i turned it back on and nothing scratched my head and decided to investigate then i saw smoke coming from the back,i think the power supply has given up
    so i dug out an OLD Packard and bell imedia s3210 and man is it slow compared to my one that blew up as i built it myself AMD 5000+2.6 ghz Black edition overclocked to 3.4ghz and 8gig DDR2 ram, so i will have to put up with it till i can get a new power supply - and i used to think that 2ghz 2gig of ram was fast how times change

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