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Thread: chanel retune

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    chanel retune

    Hi I'm looking for some help on the deambox eddit my question is after changes to Chanels frequencies. On sky I have lost some chanels I usely just download the whole vhanibels bauqets and re put them all in from scratch I was wondering how could I just re do only the Chanles that I have lost in other words how can I retune only the channels that have been moved or change of frequencies can I do this on db eddit and is there a guide I can follow

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    Probably not the direct answer which you wanted. Anyway, consider doing it this way:- Setup Auto Bouquets Maker for your region (Sky UK and then followed by Freesat in that order). You may also wish to add Sky Ireland and hide any bouquets you do not need. Alternatively use Lraizers plugin. Both these plugins supplement any existing bouquets. The net result is that 28.2 lists will always be up to date and you can run as often as you like without intefering with Vhannibal's list. Once you set this up, you won't have to touch the settings for 28.2 again and will always be up to date subject to frequent runs of ABM or AB 28.2.

    When you download Vhannibal list, delete the 28.2 channles and bouquets and transfer them. Just after transfer, you will have to run ABM or AB 28.2.

    ABM does several satellites too, so it is an option for you to delete those bouquets from Vhannibal and rely on ABM for them.

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