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    Wifislax released final version-4.6

    Wifislax 4.6, an updated build of the Slackware-based live CD with a collection of security and forensics tools, has been released.

    This is mostly a maintenance release to fix a serious bug in Reaver, a WiFi passphrase brute-force attack utility, the use of which resulted in segmentation fault in the previous release of Wifislax. The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.6.11 with a number of new drivers to support tablets, touchscreen devices, multi-function printers, etc. The KDE desktop has been upgraded to version 4.10.5 and an option to boot into a lighter Xfce desktop remains available. Other package upgrades include Firefox 22.0, OpenJDK 7u25 and Wireshark 1.10.0, as well as the latest version of the Flash browser plugin. A number of new programs, such as nano and texinfo, have been added. The release announcement which contains a full changelog is in Spanish only, but the distribution itself can boot into either Spanish or English localisation of the KDE or Xfce desktops

    translation from Spanish to English by Google
    Once again, I am filled with pride and satisfaction introduce a new version of wifislax.
    It's actually almost a maintenance release, to alleviate the terrible bug present in wifislax-reaver 4.5 with reference to which the time to be running segment violation and was closed unexpectedly.

    The kernel is 3.6.11, with the news that you have enabled a good number of drivers of all types, graphics, tablets, touchscreens, multi-function and many more.

    KDE has been updated to version 4.10.5 stable as usual and also features lightweight desktop xfce.

    The Logbook is this regarding wifislax-4.5


    1 - Updated lists of repositories
    2 - Outdated libpcap by problems with reaver
    3 - Outdated version wireshark at least
    4 - Updated firefox to version 22
    5 - Updated java version 7 u25
    6 - Update to version 2.7 goyscript
    7 - Fixed bug wireless- keys
    8 - Included text editor nano
    9 - Including texinfo-4.13a
    10 - Included full suite dsniff
    11 - Included ngrep
    12 - Reaver recompiled to add new pins known
    13 - Updated kernel to 3.6.11
    14 - Compiled reaver
    15 - Changed libpcap
    16 - Updated wireshark to 1.10
    17 - Included Servicemenü to load xfce kde & md5
    18 - recompiled kernels to add more drivers
    19 - Added Crunch
    20 - Updated and moved to gksu module and libgksu
    21 - Updated wpspingenerator for Aldair one new mac (v 1.22 )
    22 - Removed laptop-mode tools
    23 - Added in wireless-access keys wpspingenerator
    24 - Updated smplayer
    25 - Updated aircrack-ng suite 2311 - >> 2312
    26 - Included ap****er
    27 - Included airstorm
    28 - Included DateList
    29 - Included gigawordlist
    30 - reaver-wifislax Replaced by reavermod
    31 - Updated tool "save session reaver" to save reavers progress of all
    32 - Updated wpspingenerator, adds new mac and now if the pin
    generated is invalid, given the option to launch the regular reaver with all pins.
    33 - Removed. desktops akonadi service (not used and consumes ram)
    34 - Cleaning / usr / doc and / usr / info
    35 - Included Makefast (auto-configurator script, editor and creator of clean XZM )
    36 - Updated wget from 13-14 and added the ca-certificates
    37 - Updated flash-player-plugin.
    38 - Updated angry ip scanner 3.0-beta6 to version 3.2
    39 - Updated wifimetropolis of 3.0 - >> 3.1.14
    40 - Updated aircrack-ng suite r2312 -> r2315

    The changes from 30 to 40 are there to wifislax-4.6-rc1 to final release.

    As we see there are several wireless application updates, so DO NOT STAY WITH RC1 Grin

    As always thank you all going testing isos going development and discussed the problems.
    these people also curran sinlas applications that live, would be nothing.
    For my compilation of development geminis_demon , and co-seguridadwireless . net.

    Hope you enjoy.



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